Bar Trigona @Four Seasons KL


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There is a tiny stingless bee native to Malaysia, that produces a small but quality batch of honey with a sourish sweet taste. Yet, not many locals know of this bee or the honey that it makes. Instead, they flock towards foreign-produced honey such as Manuka honey. This stingless bee is called the Trigona bee, and it forms the basis of Bar Trigona in the Four Seasons KL.

Helmed by head bartender Ashish Sharma of Manhattan fame, Bar Trigona is set to be the latest and hottest place in town for a tipple. It certainly helps that the interior of the bar is iconically lavish. But look beyond the glossiness and you’ll find that the cocktail menu is a strong one, designed by Sharma and his team after a long tour around the farms of Malaysia. Working with local farms to champion the use of locally grown ingredients, it was then that Sharma stumbled upon the little-heard-of Trigona bee and its honey. The rest, as they say, is history. 

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