Burger on 16 @Imbi


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Burger on 16’s flagship offerings include the California Cheese Skirt (RM23.90), which boasts a house-made Aussie beef patty blanketed with a skirt of shredded cheese, if the typical melted cheddar on most burgers isn’t sufficient to satiate your cheese cravings. Other interesting options include the Vampire Hates Garlic (RM18.90; with a garlicky patty), as well as burgers with patties specifically spiked with rosemary or oregano. Chicken burgers include the Inferno, a spicy-sauce choice with jalapenos for extra kick (RM17.90; can be topped with a fried egg for RM2) – most of the burgers here evoke the savoury, heavily seasoned flavours of KL street burgers. Fans of fries might be tempted by the Seven Wonders (RM8.50), prepared with a mix of seven herbs & spices that primarily underscores the sodium punch of fast food. Lattes are available.

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