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Cafe Coffee Day, lovingly known as CCD is a division of “Coffee Day Global Limited”.

The story of coffee began in the ancient province of Kaffa, Ethiopia.It was so divine, 
that the people who farmed it kept it a closely guarded secret. Until an Indian Sufi saint smuggled seven beans into the country. He planted them in the lush hills of southern India’s Western Ghats. This is where Coffee Day’s story began. 
Soaked in rich heritage, we at Coffee Day have made millions smile across the globe with our fine selection of coffees. Our brews have a distinct taste, owing to the fact that we grow our coffees the traditional way. Under the shade of tall trees. We let nature patiently take its course, and handpick the berries once they’re ripe. Shade-grown arabica not only has a refined taste, but it also helps protect our forests. Our plantations are home to hundreds of exotic birds. The famous Malabar Giant Squirrel has made our estates its home. Incidentally, it’s staple diet is fig and the left-over fruit that falls on the base of the fig tree forms a natural fertilizer for our plantations. The gray langur can be seen trotting about in these parts. And of course, the spotted deer is seen in abundance in our lands. Our estates not only provide a home to exotic animals, but they also provide the local community a source of living. So you see, when you sip on a cup of coffee at Coffee Day, you’re not just helping your taste buds come alive, but the community around you too.

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