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Cheers Cheese – Brilliant Tea, Served Fresh
Our signature beverage and wonderful meaning.

The meaning of cheers is to express good wishes and shout out for joy or in praise, with your love, friends and families. With a variety of beautifully and delicious beverages offered, we are confident you will have a big smile on
your face.

Tea, which is regarded for thousands of years in the East as key to good health, happiness and wisdom. With a western twist of incorporating a delicious thick layer of cream cheese, together with all the benefits it can offer, these beverages will definitely excite your taste buds.

More Than Just Tea
We are not just passionate purveyors of cheesy tea, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding cafe experience, We also offer a selection of premium juices, coffees and fine pastries to please your demanding taste buds.

Our mission is not only to celebrate the tea and its beautiful culture, but also to connect everyone. We want to inspire you. Every Person; Every Cup; Every Neighborhood.

Our Heritage
Every day, we go to school and work hoping to achieve great things. This would not work without a perfect beverage to delight our day and to share them with our friends. The name, inspired by the founder, evoked the togetherness, harmony and joy of having tea with your love ones.

Cheers Cheese was first opened in year 2016 with a narrow storefront, offering the world finest and unique combination of cheesy beverages. Cheers Cheese quickly became a favourite brand and in 2017, Cheers Cheese have expanded to 8 stores.

In the same year, captivated with the bars and romance of the tea experience, we bring Cheers Cheese to Malaysia. Our vision is to combine modernised technology and handcraft in brewing a perfect tea, while promoting the younger generations to understand the long history of tea culture.

Cheers Cheese helps in shaping a healthy and quality lifestyle by incorporating the freshness and benefits of tea into our daily life.

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Eugene Boon 6 Reviews
Interesting combination of cheese with watermelon
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Tried the cheese watermelon and it is very refreshing, this is the first time i am trying watermelon with cheese on top. To conserve the environment, i go without straw and there is a way to drink the drink. To taste the cheese and watermelon at once, you remove the small cap and you bring the cup 45 degree up and suck it hard and you will able to taste an interesting combination of the cheese and watermelon. The taste is very special and smooth. Definitely another come back to their others signature drinks.

The place has two two level and suitable for discussion.

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