Craft Cafe Taman Connaught


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Coffee Printing Service

We provide FREE coffee print service, Milk froth is your canvas. Coffee extract is your medium. Transform any image or text in seconds with the Coffee Printer. Create inspiring art atop the milk froth layer of coffee beverages, both hot and cold.
We hope that through the coffee to convey a warm, blessing, positive energy and love
提供免费coffee printing服务,引进国外风行,轻松將照片拉花在奶泡上。
  • 只要order杯咖啡饮料就可以免费自助操作,upload你要的图片然后打印属于自己的自拍拉花咖啡 !!!! 免费!免费 !免费!
  • 通过咖啡传达一份温暖,一份祝福,一份正能量,一份爱
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Q Where are you located?

We are located next to Taman Connaught's Maybank, at Level 1. The First Coffee Printing Cafe