Dining In The Dark @Changkat Bukit Bintang KL


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The very first of its kind in Malaysia.
Challenging yet, fulfilling.
Packed with different insights and new perspectives.
Amazing, bizarre, cool, dark, extraordinary…
Definitely the talk of the town and far beyond.
Finally, it is here on our shores, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – dining in total darkness! With the intention of bringing food appreciation to a higher level, this unique approach is ideal and mind-blowing; dining without one’s sight. In fact, it is an experience where one “looks” at the world through the senses of taste, sound, smell and touch as they become more acute in darkness.
Every three months, the chef prepares a thoughtfully designed “Surprise Menu”, comprising varying tastes and dynamics in a complementary manner. This menu is not revealed until the dinner is over. Therefore, diners are requested to inform the restaurant of any food allergies or dietary restrictions due to religious or medical reasons, if any. Dietary preferences are not entertained as the concept encourages every diner to explore the true and genuine taste, aroma, flavour and texture of the food served, down to the individual ingredients used.
Dining In The Dark Kuala Lumpur has held various corporate events as well as organizing wine pairing dinners in collaboration with different distinguished wine makers. Besides, it has also witnessed many heart-warming marriage proposals, celebrated numerous joyous birthdays and of course, hosted countless memorable wedding anniversaries.