Serving authentic dim sum in a colourful setting, Dolly Dim Sum KL is a contemporary all-day eatery located within Avenue K Shopping Centre (opposite Suria KLCC).A popular breakfast amongst the local Chinese community, dim sum is a collection of three to four bite-sized portions of Cantonese delicacies placed on small saucers, kept hot in bamboo baskets. Served ala carte via a push-cart tray, diners can then choose their orders while still seated at their table. Situated on the ground floor of Avenue K, Dolly Dim Sum is accessible within a seven-minute walk from the KLCC LRT train station. Dolly Dim Sum is a modern take on the quaint Chinese teahouse with a stunning glass house concept that overlooks KL city while its vibrant interior is a mix of cheerful Oriental paintings, hanging bird cages, warm lighting, as well as Chinese-style furnishing.

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