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幸福咖啡館嚴格精選優良新鮮低溫淺中烘焙的咖啡豆,咖啡因較低對身體比較沒有負擔,低溫淺中焙的特色是可以喝 出咖啡豆最原始的層次與新鮮風味,小小咖啡豆有滿滿地幸福, 富含了大地上花草樹木,蔬果雜量之香,真正喝到咖啡的果酸,香甜與回甘。


We, at LN Fortunate Coffee, truly believe in bringing good fortune (bliss), joy and cheerfulness to everyone all the time. LN Fortunate Coffee’s philosophy of bliss, joy and cheerfulness for all are conveyed through our passions in our blissful coffees that are complemented harmoniously with our range of natural and healthy food and beverages.

Our passion in coffee begins with the selection of coffee beans. Only the best quality Arabica beans from the best coffee growing regions around the world are selected. For us at LN Fortunate Coffee, this is the first step towards a great cup of coffee as the origin of the beans will determine to a material extent the appearance, flavor, body and aroma of the blissful coffee we serve. The selected beans are then light or medium roasted to maintain much of the natural characteristics of the beans when brewed. 

At LN Fortunate Coffee, our dedication is to bring the most natural and original flavor of coffee to our patrons. Our signature coffee, the ‘Hand Drip Coffee’ embodies our philosophy of bliss, joy and cheerfulness for all. The best coffee beans are delicately brewed by our team of passionate baristas using filtered water at moderate temperatures, a process that takes about 20 minutes to complete. The moderate temperature is to minimize the level of caffeine in the cup of coffee so one can, not only enjoy the coffee’s freshness and aroma plus the inherent complexities of the beans, but to also get to know the personality of coffee beans from different regions. 

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Q What's special about Fortunate Coffee ?

We only serve hand-brewed specialty coffees, bringing you the most natural taste and aroma of each cup of coffee.Our bread are made from sourdough, the most natural way of fermenting dough for at least 18 hours, bringing you the natural aroma, taste and chewiness of bread.