Fuel Shack @KL Convention Centre


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For years, it was thought that “fast” food and “good” food couldn’t be served in the same restaurant. If you wanted a quality burger, you had to pay more for the privilege of being waited upon by someone else in a fancy setting. If you wanted a fast burger, you would get something that, literally, looked like it was thrown together – in a hurry. There was simply no middle ground – no place to get a quality burger, fast.

We use only 100% grass-fed Australian beef and lamb in every burger, and we top them with only the freshest of toppings – specially selected and brought to each Fuel Shack location. So you’ll know that each an every meal you order isn’t just cooked – it’s cooked to perfection using the highest quality ingredients.

When it comes to our people, we hire and train the most passionate and dedicated individuals we can find. We don’t just teach our employees to “flip burgers” – we teach them how to cook our burgers to flavor-filled perfection so you get a burger that’s the right temperature and the right taste each and every time.

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