Hoagies On-the-Go @NU Sentral KL


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It all began with a simple notion; to share the in-complex, yet glorious tastes of Hoagies (sandwiches) and the effortless pleasures that they bring to the people. Humble garden-fresh ingredients, when combined with buttery cheese slices, juicy proteins and crispy hand-tossed bread, create great explosive flavours and quality.

Inspired by our colourful past in expanding our simple food offering, different varieties have been added, including Hot Grills, Baked Rice and Mac, and Salads alongside a wide range of Beverages. With these additions, customers are spoiled for choice and as a thoughtful host, we truly believe that quality meals are as important as a billion dollar business that makes your day and enhances your performance in everything that you commit yourself to. 

So what Hoagies-On-The-Go is all about? It’s about quality fast food that is genuinely prepared from the heart and soul!