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Some of us had heard of Inside Scoop. It’s known to be a local version of Baskin Robbins. It started out in Bangsar in year 2013 and then it grow so fast till they have 7 other outlets around Malaysia, and one of the branch has located at Taman Segar, Cheras. 

Now what is it about that make this Inside Scoop to be a fast-growing ice-cream shop? Is not just about the ice-cream, is the hard work behind all the ice-cream. 

The ice-cream are made by their own, no added preservative, no added artificial flavoring, is all 100% natural flavor. Made from fresh milk and real ingredients to bring up the taste. For example, they use real banana to make the flavor without putting any other flavoring. Not only that, if possible they will try to make their ingredients in house, for example, the peanut butter cup in their peanut butter ice cream is made by themTherefore, they will do their most possible way, from scratch to make their own ingredient to bring up 100% pure natural flavor. 

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