IPPUDO’s Tonkotsu Ramen broth is free of the usual smell of pork with a light aftertaste. The selection of ingredients and the seasonings are freshly prepared and the noodle hardness and spicyness are even customizable. IPPUDO was also the first to refer to broth by color, Shiro (white) and Aka (red), which soon became a standard industry practice. Till today, Shiromaru and Akamaru continue to helm as Ippudo’s signature ramen.

Thanks to the efforts, discipline and quality standards of the Ramen King, the status of Ramen has been raised to become one of Japan’s most favoured dishes by young and old alike. We now have over 200 stores in more than 14 countries. Our mission is to spread “smiles and arigatou through bowls of Ramen,” and we look forward to sharing our passions with you.

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