The design concept and inspiration of Jao Tim, KL stem from the very fact that the building it is now housed in was built in the 1910s, a pre war era. Hence, you’d find elements of Art Deco to evoke a sense of happiness, greatness and luxury with its tall ceiling, brass fixtures, the usage of the colour gold and wooden flooring. 

What used to be a hotel then is now brought back to live in the form of an event space/art gallery and cafe aptly named Jao Tim (which means hotel in Cantonese). Jao Tim gives you a glimpse into the past during the great depression time where elegance and luxury were two very important key factors to elevate one’s mood. And that’s what we hope to achieve when you step into Jao Tim; a cosy and comfortable space for you to relax in while you enjoy art and a cuppa with vinyl records playing all day long.

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