Junior Chellapa @ Old Malaya KL


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Nestled under the watchful eye of the KL Tower, resides a dream which was conceptualised many years ago.
A young adventurous traveller left his home town in India and came to the food capital of Asia, Kuala Lumpur. Much to his father Chellapa Senior’s wishes, this young lad decided to venture out of his comfort zone and show the world, HIS take on what he had learnt from his father and his father from his grandfather……
Therefore, what better place than the gastronomy capital of South East Asia to set up his very own vision of a representation of the vast subcontinent he calls Bharat, we call India.
Junior Chellapa (or JC as he likes to call it) is a contemporary take on classic Indian dishes. From Murgh Tikka Masala to Mutton Varuval, Sultani Grilled Prawns to Chellapa’s Pomfret, even his lassi is given an orange twist compared to the usual mango flavour and everything in between.
Welcome to Junior Chellapa, where Indian Spices are Redefined.

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