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Are we in crab heaven? Because this sure feels like it. Kali Little Restaurant serves the best salt-baked crabs in town, hands down. The restaurant offers crabs in other styles too but the classic baked and salted crab is undeniably the Signature one here as it is bestselling. Go ahead and break open that shell that just yearns to be broken to reveal plump, fleshy and smoky white meat that exudes an aroma fresh from the sea… Just the way we like it!

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It was my first time trying since my fav next door, Four Star is closed. I was craving for crabs and decided to give this a try. Ordered 2 crabs and they were huge and higher priced. But when I took the first bite, I almost vomited. The rotting smells was so bad that I had to return one of it. The waiter said there was nothing wrong with it but refunded the money. Also the lala bihun was too salty. Definitely will not return.

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