Marutama Ra-Men @Berjaya Times Square


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Marutama Ra-men is the pioneer of chicken soup for ra-men in Japan. Our thick and delicious soup is cooked for 5 hours daily over high heat by skilled Japanese chef and it takes 1 chicken to make 2 bowls of soup. We do not use preservatives or MSG or any additives. We belive only the best and freshest ingredient will do for our special soup. Our noodles are also made by hand in our kitchen by our Japanese masterchef on a daily basis to ensure freshness of taste. We only use first grade high gluten/protein flour and no preservatives or MSG or additives are allowed. The handmade noodles are cooked in a custom made imported machine from Osaka, Japan that regulates the boiling time so as to ensure consistency of taste. When eating our ra-men, we suggest patrons first taste the soup before the noodles to get the enssence of our secret recipe. And then take a bite of our noodles to taste it’s perfect texture. Combined with our secret proprietary Japanese formula sauce that makes up the soup, and our specially imported river bed seaweed from Japan, together with slices of our selected cuts of roast pork loin, we belive everyone will enjoy the delicious “umami” taste of Marutama Ra-men.