Walking into No Black Tie for the first time is almost like an initiation rite into a very exclusive fraternity that embodies the artistic soul and essence of Kuala Lumpur.

Every city should have a venue that captures a microcosm of its society and in this case, NBT, as it is affectionately known by its loyal patrons, is it. Founded in 1998 by Sarawakian born-US trained classical pianist Evelyn Hii, this once humble establishment located five doors from its original home has now become an institution in KL. Its stage has seen the likes of Malaysia’s top singers and musicians and the region’s best, not excluding an impressive lineup of international acts over the years and most importantly, the watering hole of choice for KL’s intellectual, cultural, social and corporate elite.

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Q Is it a must to make a booking or i can just walk in?

Booking is recommended especially on weekend