OMB Noodle Bar @Cheras Selatan 118


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At OMB Noodle Bar, we strive to provide our customers the highest quality all the time, offering variety of noodles and dishes that rekindle some of your fond memories, such as our signature OMB Supreme Pepper Soup (the most OOM!! pepper soup in town!) , Homemade Curry Soup (curry without santan), Pork lard dried Noodle, Pork bone soup, Dried Chili Pan Mee (home made chili base), Nasi Lemak (home made sambal paste) and Bak Kut Teh!
We believe in fresh handmade products using good quality ingredients. It’s the value we’ve always held because it’s important to us, and to our customers. Springy noodles, handmade meatballs, wontons and bentong stuffed beancurd puffs complement with our hearty and flavorful soups which boiled for hours perfectly.
First in Malaysia! We created our special OMB Series which customers get to enjoy TWO bowls of different flavor noodles just at ONE price. One price, Double happiness!