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Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang
Restoran Boston Baru Klang

Restoran Boston Baru Klang

The Best Steamed Clams (Lala)

4.0/51 Reviews

About Restoran Boston Klang

Restoran Boston Baru Klang located at Klang town (1E, Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18, 41000 Klang, Selangor), also known as Restaurant New Boston Klang 伸波士顿餐室

Restoran Boston Baru Klang began as a modest stall, located in front of its current premises in 1989. As business improved, it has relocated to the current premises. The restaurant attracts an overwhelming number of customers who wait in line outside the restaurant even before the opening of the business. As that, patient is a must and the usual wait time could range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Although every dish is a delight to the taste buds, the restaurant is well-known for a few signature dishes. A not-to-be-missed dish is the steam lala soup (Steamed Clams in Superior Soup). The chef painstakingly prepares the soup for this lala separately for each plate ordered no matter how many plates are ordered a night.

伸波士顿餐室位于巴生镇 (1E, Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18, 41000 Klang, Selangor),也被称为 Restaurant New Boston Klang.

1989年,伸波士顿餐室最初是一个简陋的摊位,位于其现址前。随着业务的改善,它已搬迁至现址。这家餐厅甚至在开业前就吸引了大量顾客,他们在餐厅外排队等候。通常的等待时间可能从 30 分钟到 2 小时不等。

虽然每道菜都让味蕾大饱口福,但餐厅以几道招牌菜而闻名。不可错过的一道菜是蒸拉拉汤(Steamed Clams in Superior Soup)。无论一晚点多少盘,厨师都会为每个点的盘子分别准备这道拉拉的汤。

Other Signature Dishes are the

  • Steamed Clams in Superior Soup 上汤蒸拉拉汤
  • Corn Mantis Prawn 玉米螳螂虾
  • Moonlight Koay Teow (Fried Koay Teow with raw egg)月光粿条
  • Hokkien Mee 福建面
  • Nestum Mantis Prawn 燕麦螳螂虾

Open for business daily from 3:30PM to 10:30PM, off on selected Wed

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1 Review for Restoran Boston Baru Klang

Eugene Boon 7 Reviews
Best Steam Lala (Steamed Clams) I have ever had

No doubt here is the best stem lala, Xiong Tong Lala (Steamed Clams in Superior Soup @RM24) i have ever had, From my personal experience, none of the steam lala I had come near to the taste here. The freshness and strong wine and spicy clear soup definitely the perfect match for the steam lala. Few other recommended food like the Moonlight Koay Teow (fried koay teow with raw egg @3 pax @ RM15), Nestum Prawn (large @ RM70), Butter Corn Mantis Shrimp @ RM26, Kung Pao Squid @ RM50 The price is affordable and not too pricy, however the cleanliness is at poor where you expect in the hawker food stall in Malaysia. The ambience is average, services can be slow and long wait time due to the crowd. For more best food in Klang, please see https://ninjafound.com/the-top-20-must-try-food-and-restaurant-at-klang/

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