Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant @ Suria KLCC


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‘Simple Life’ demonstrates a new concept of healthy food. We serve vegetarian meals which are organic, natural and most importantly, nutritious.
At Simple Life, Mdm Tracy Ngo (the co-founder and owner of Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant)
developed healthy recipes by adopting more natural ingredients in the menu, without compromising taste and
aesthetic values. One good example would be our chef’s recommendation, the Simple Life’s healthy nasi
lemak, which is completely vegetarian. Cooked with extra virgin coconut oil, with sambal made from carrots
and cabbage, it is both spicy and delicious, resembling the usual nasi lemak.

Many people nowadays are unfamiliar with healthy food, let alone eating healthily. It is a common
misconception that healthy foods are bland or raw. Tracy Ngo’s recipes seek to raise awareness about healthy
eating, and prove that healthy food can be delectable and beneficial to our health. Tracy is a renowned health-
conscious chef in Melaka and is also an expert in developing recipes which are a fusion of tastes and flavours
of the East and West. Her special and unique dishes have caught the attention of many, and have attracted a
wide range of customers. Our famous dishes include Lei Cha with Brown Rice, Ginger Extract with Brown Rice
Mee Sua, Vegetarian Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa and Popiah.