Skillet At 163 @Fraser Place KL


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Skillet, commonly known as the frying pan, is the most commonly used and important cooking utensil in the kitchen. The name reflects an emphasis on our culinary creations out of the common produce but injected with imagination and creativity.

Skillet@163 is the brainchild of a group of close friends to create a seamless modern European cuisine with touches of Asian flare. Headed by Chef Raymond Tham (co-owner) who brings in vast experience of culinary adventure into the kitchen, the team brings in exciting culinary innovation and dining experience to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Guest can experience two innovative concepts during the Day and at Night in Skillet@163.

In the day, we offer a selection of comfort and sumptuous meals, which include salads, breads, pasta, mains and desserts that match our own unique style. The all-day menu is perfect to cater for both business lunch and mid-day indulgence.

In the evening, the restaurant is injected with creativity and intimacy with offerings spread over snacks, appetizers, mains and desserts to tasting set menu and wine pairing menu. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience without the need of conventional fine dining rules and tablecloths. As the head chef métier has been in pastries, one should expect enticing dessert selections and dessert is definitely a must not missed!

Creativity is not only confined to the kitchen but also noticeable in the bar where the births of Skillet’s signature cocktails are carefully crafted to satisfy the guest’s alcoholic senses. Our wines are carefully chosen by the head chef himself, well enough to pair everything in the menu.

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