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Sumiya Izakaya means a place where Japanese relax and gather to have food and drinks, it has the similar definition of a Japanese’s bar. Here in Cheras, Sumiya Izakaya has proudly recommend us their famous Japanese’s Barbeque and Japanese Wine(Sake)to make sure you can have wonderful experiences eating in a Japanese bar!! 

The restaurant former business is a Japanese wine& beer supplier. Thus, they can provide quality beer & wine with affordable cheaper price!! Besides, the kitchen has included a Japanese Chef that capable to cook the traditional and delicious Japanese food. 

More than 20 different kinds of Beer and Wine selling in the restaurant!! In additional, they also provide service of keeping wine that customer couldn’t finish. Furthermore, the Japanese Barbeque, Yakitori is the best matching food while you are drinking!! The Yakitori will only be serving starts from 5:30pm onwards every day.

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