Tokio Cafe @Cyberjaya


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Cyberjaya’s a new town in Selangor or also know as ghost town due to population is lesser than any other part of Selangor. Not many good cafe located here and mostly has closed down recently due to economical reasons. Tokio Kafe is a japanese cafe fusion with western cuisine designed with open concept interior with greenery surrounded giving that closer feeling towards nature(But is really hot,yea right closer to nature..LOL) located in the heart of CyberJaya right next to CIMB & Old Town.
A Great Place to hangout with friends & Family during the night and so far Tokio Kafe is rated one of the Best Cafe in Cyber Jaya serving great japanese Bento Set like Katsu Curry Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki DON, Salmon Teriyaki DON, Tempura Don, Udon and also delicious western cuisine such as grilled chicken,  chicken parmigiana, grilled lamb chop, grilled salmon, grilled Australian Ribeye Steak and Spaghetti. 

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