William's Crab Restaurant @The Mines


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William’s Crab is a pork-free seafood restaurant in breathtaking lakeside view location. We specialise in cooking CRABS, our signature seafood dish, for customers. On top of that, we also serve other kinds of seafood such as prawns, cuttlefish and fish and other dishes like vegetables, chicken and tofu.
We began our journey since 2011 located in Malaysia. We only select ONE type of crabs — MUD CRAB (in Malay called “Ketam Nipah“) — as to cater for all races of customers. All our crabs are freshly caught and our crabs are meaty. We cook crabs in 4 different flavours, which are Chilli Sour Crab, Steamed Crab, Butter Milk Crab and Salted Egg Crab.
Our atmosphere is an old-fashioned setting with just a handful of wooden tables and chairs. It is the perfect place for families and friends to dine-in for a warm casual second-home dining experience. As we located nearby lakeside, you are able to enjoy a relaxation and great visualisation experience.
We dedicated to deliver the freshest, meaty and delicious crabbies as well as other scrumptious dishes at all time to all our customers.