Enjoy the Asian and Western fusion food, 8 Exclusive Steamboat Set and the valuable Lunch & Dinner set at here!! A very heartwarming atmosphere at here, looks good and suitable for family or friends gathering. The yellowish lighting, cozy chairs, the hospitality of the waitress makes yours dine-in even better. The food options here are great, all homemade sauces and warm food, we can ensure there are no can food provided here!! 

Here, they have provided the lunch set, dinner, mix grilled set and combo meals. Each of the set served with drinks with choices either lce Lemon Tea, Ice Peach Tea or Ice Honey Lemon. Top up another RM4 to get their signature mushroom soup also. Besides, check your time while visiting the restaurant, for Monday to Friday there’s a period of time between 3:00- 6:00pm the shop will be closed for a resting period. The other good news is during public holiday and weekends there will be no closing period in between the working hours. 

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