New Chapter by The Owls Cafe @Bukit Jalil


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A beautiful space where we serve owlsome coffee and foods.
New Chapter is definitely a new beginning for everyone as it’s much more spacious – accommodate more patrons and still as cosy. It’s the coziness and warmth brought by the concept itself. Cafes like this are envisioned like a small and inviting space that smells like coffee and tastes like chocolate. Just 2 words to describe its interior: Beautiful and Bright.
They combined with a few contemporary elements and the contrast from the bright carpet at the casual area created is pleasant and beautiful. With so much natural lights penetrated from the surroundings, shots taken from every corner seems so intstagram-worthy! Paging instagrammers! lol.
The wooden tables and whitish furniture adds perspective and the simplicity of the rest only makes it more loveable.