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Nasi So Lemak!

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About Poppo Kanteen

Poppo is a canteen operator in one of the secondary school in Batu Pahat, Johor.

By not choosing to do simple, quick and unhealthy food, she planned a grand menu that serves her customers like a restaurant instead. Her dishes are authentically special right to the origins of the recipe. And the drinks are mostly focused towards juices and less syrup based. She planned her canteen to have a proper dining experience for the students without making the place a mess to keep later. She set rules for all the students
to follow and works closely with the Principal to make sure everyone understood them. She is always dressed well with her turquoise coloured dress and greets all her customers daily. Her friendly and sporting attitude made everyone call her Popo (Grandmother) and there she adopted the name but uniquely spelled Poppo to stand out.

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